Why January Term is Perfect for Short-Term Study Abroad

June 27 , 2019

January term or J-term, as it is often referred to as, is a frequently overlooked time period for short-term and faculty-led study abroad programs. Most universities and study abroad programs prefer to operate during Maymester or the summer, which is by far the most popular choice.

J-term is perfect for short-term study abroad and we dive into why you should consider it for your organization’s programs.

Off-season = lower costs

Operating your program in January can result in significant savings for your students as prices are their cheapest during the winter months. The crowds during the summer season and subsequent high demand result in less availability and therefore higher costs for groups. Low season in Europe spans from November to April, making January the perfect time to beat the crowds and keep costs down.

More flexibility for summer

By shifting your short-term program to J-term, you allow your students the flexibility to spend their summer in other ways, such as internships, summer courses or picking up a summer job. For many students the opportunity to study abroad may not be plausible during the summer as that time might be occupied by other necessities. By planning your programs for January, you provide a solution for students who might otherwise not have the opportunity to study abroad.

Winter destinations

Some destinations in Europe are ideal for winter travel, making January the only plausible opportunity to experience everything they have to offer during winter months on a short-term study abroad program. If you’re interested in winter activities for your students, January programs are the perfect time to head overseas.

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Sammi DiBacco

Sammi DiBacco