How To Introduce Support To Your Faculty-Led Programs

September 09 , 2019

When it comes to deciding how you would like to enlist help for your faculty-led study abroad program there are many variables to consider in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your organization and students. If you have not worked with another organization to operate these programs or may have had a negative experience in the past, there can be some hesitation that comes with bringing in outside support.

We have found that our university partners typically have a variety of questions, such as:

– Can this organization execute my vision?

– What services are they able to provide?

– Will these support services balloon the program cost?

– How custom am I able to make my program?

– What is the risk involved?

As experts in the field of student travel and short-term study abroad programs, we are here to share the four unique ways of partnership with 4.0 Tours and how you can introduce support to your faculty-led study abroad programs ranging from full design and execution to selective logistical support services.

1) Complete Custom Design

What Is It? Complete Custom Design means that from the start of our collaboration, we will typically be provided with a basic set of information. This will usually include the course content and focus, a list of several destinations where the program would like to visit a number of, the ideal program length, and some other small details the university and professor would like to include in the course.

How Does It Work? After speaking further and determining the must-haves and wish list items for the program, our team designs a proposed itinerary that fits within the budget. The itinerary and quote are finalized after feedback from the university partner has been implemented.

2) Partner Designed Program

What Is It? A Partner Designed Program is a study abroad program that has been designed in full by the university partner. This would include dates and destinations, required organizational and operational support throughout the program and any inclusions they require within the quote we provide.

How Does It Work? Upon receipt of the program, typically received in the form of a request for proposal (RFP), a 4.0 Tours manager would connect with the partner to answer any questions or clarify any details surrounding the proposal before providing the proposed itinerary and quote. If edits or revisions are need before the program are finalized, they would take place after the initial itinerary is sent.

3) Combination of 1 & 2

What Is It? The third way we are able to partner with you is by combining Custom Designed Program with Partner Designed Program. In this way the university partner or professor might have a general idea of what they want to include such as the length of time, potential dates and a few destinations and excursions, but they are looking for assistance to supplement the program and bolster the education or cultural aspects included.

How Does It Work? Once we receive the program outline or RFP, we speak further with the partner to determine what they want to add or change about the program, so we can implement this feedback into our updated itinerary. A few examples of items added to program itineraries could be business site visits, cultural excursions and activities, group meals, museum visits, or any other plethora of things that will improve the study abroad experience for the program participants.

Then, our team incorporates this a fully-designed itinerary while adhering to the budget restrictions. All itineraries and quotes are finalized after feedback on the initial proposal is incorporated in the final program.

4) À-la Carte Logistical Support

What Is It? We understand that each faculty-led and short-term study abroad program is unique and may not require the complete support that we are capable of providing. Therefore, we offer our partners the opportunity to pick and choose what services they need to execute their program. This is what we refer to as “À-la Carte Logistical Support.”

How Does It Work? The partner has their program itinerary that they have designed but require support for various aspects of the program. This can include any of our services that are available to those who are looking for more hands-on assistance, and you can pick and choose what you would like for us to organize. A few examples of portions of the program a partner may have 4.0 Tours provide assistance: group travel, accommodations, classroom space with local universities, business site visits, cultural excursions and more.

4.0 Tours provides full support services in planning, organizing and operating study abroad programs in Europe and North Africa. We are  owned and operated by a team of Americans headquartered in Europe. If you’re interesting in learning more about the support 4.0 Tours can provide you and your faculty-led study abroad programs, fill out our contact form below.

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