Fall and Spring Break are Ideal for Short Term Study Abroad – Find Out Why

June 06 , 2019

Summer is here and that means it’s the most popular season for short-term, faculty-led study abroad season. Although summer is currently the top choice for many short-term programs, if your program is 10 days or less there may be a better solution for you and your students.

Let us introduce you to fall and spring break. We have three convincing reasons why fall and spring break might be a great solution for your short-term study abroad program.

1) Less Tourists

Avoid the crowds in Fall or Spring!

Summer is considered the high tourist season in Europe, which means that all of the museums, sites and other activities your group is interested in participating in will have larger crowds and lines. This can make getting group entrances more difficult and, in general, group travel more complicated.

By planning your program for the off-peak season the crowds will be smaller, which can lead to more a relaxed experience for your students.

2) More Affordable

If you’ve taken an economics class, I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of supply and demand. As the high numbers of visitors flock to Europe for their summer travels, the costs associated with traveling increase.

Many accommodations and transportation providers drop their rates during the off-season to compensate for the lack of travelers coming through during those less busy months.

3) Avoid the Heat

There is a large reason why most European locals spend their summer months at the beach because it gets hot in the summer here. Temperatures can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit and higher in the peak summer months, which can make all your site visits and exploring a new city a little more challenging.

Fall and Spring in Europe are relatively mild, which will have your student group spending more time focusing on all the amazing new experiences they’re taking in rather than dabbing the sweat off their forehead.

Honorable mention: January (J-Term)

If you’re interested in your short-term program extending longer than 10 days, then look into running your program in January term before your Spring semester goes back into session. January is beautiful in Europe and is one of the least popular months for tourists to travel, leaving your group with all of the above advantages, and in some parts of Europe, the possibility of snow!

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Sammi DiBacco

Sammi DiBacco