7 Electronic Gadgets to Bring on Your Study Abroad

October 20 , 2018

Studying abroad and traveling are made easier and stress-free thanks to the many advance in technology and the useful gadgets we have available to us. Review our list of seven electronic gadgets to add to your packing list for your travels abroad.

Unlocked Smartphone

If you want to be able to use your phone abroad, we would not recommend paying for an international plan with your American provider. These plans are often times costly and provide questionable service in Europe. Instead, have your phone carrier unlock your phone so you can pop in a European sim card. European phone plans are typically less expensive than American plans and you can pay on a monthly basis for as low at €10 or €15 a month for internet data and calling. Using an European sim card abroad is even easier now that most plans allow your phone to work in all countries within the European Union.

Portable Charger

A portable charger is the the electronic gadget you didn’t realize you need, and once you have it you won’t know how you lived without it before. Portable chargers allow you to charge all your electronics on the go so you can travel stress-free and not have to worry about finding an open outlet to charge your phone or camera.

Universal Adaptor

A universal adaptor allows you to bring one useful adaptor abroad that will work in all the destinations you travel to. Be sure to purchase a converter if your electronic chargers are not dual voltage, as this will convert the voltage without frying your device.


If you’re planning on reading while you’re abroad, paper books will take up too much precious luggage space that you can’t afford to lose. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read during your time abroad, so an e-reader is a perfect solution. Amazon Kindle has several different e-readers at various affordable prices, and typically the e-books are cheaper than their paper counterparts for those on a budget.

Luggage Scale

There are few things more stressful when traveling than being worried that your luggage is overweight. You don’t want to be surprised by an overweight luggage fee at the airport, so do yourself a favor and purchase a luggage scale in advance of heading abroad.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are an absolute lifesaver for studying and traveling abroad. Whether you want to block out noise and distractions while studying or be able to fall asleep easily while on the train or bus to your next destination, invest in quality noise-canceling headphones and thank us later.

Action Camera

The reality is that there are certain places and activities we would not recommend bringing your phone, such as swimming the ocean or hiking up a mountain. Get yourself an action camera that is built to withstand the elements so your memories aren’t limited to where you’re able to take your phone.

Sammi DiBacco

Sammi DiBacco